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Purple WiFi

Public WiFi Hotspots

for hospitality, leisure & retail

When your customers visit you, they expect to be able to access free WiFi. Purple Wifi offers you a simple way to turn the cost of supplying public WiFi hotspots into a powerful marketing tool that generates revenue and customer loyalty.

We provide a range of services to suit different types and sizes of businesses, from large multi-nationals to small independents, including hotels, bars, retailers, shopping centres, leisure businesses, camping sites, soft play centres, hairdressers, sports centres, and many more.

Make free WiFi pay

for your business

Purple WiFi is a public hotspot system that grows your business through social media marketing, at a very low cost. Everyone who uses your WiFi is required to ‘Like’ your FaceBook page, ‘Tweet’ about you on Twitter or ‘Follow’ you on LinkedIn – giving you constant promotion to all of their friends, followers and connections.

Hotspot in a box

Customisable log in page Email marketing tool Social & voucher based log in Customer analytics reporting 30 day free trial. Easy install


The ‘Purple Portal’ filters the vast amount of information collected via your Purple WiFi system and provides access to enterprise class analytics and customer insight reporting.

Log in to your secure Purple Portal and a number of WiFi analytic tools are at your disposal, making sure that you get the most out of your Purple WiFi package. Your homepage features a snapshot of key information and quick links to the most used tools.

Data includes demographic information, such as age, gender, location and contact details. You’ll also find behavioural data, such as when customers log in, how long they stay, what device they use and more.

This data is designed to inform you about who your customers are and how they interact with your venue and brand. Our powerful reporting tools give real insights into your customer base.

The Purple Portal can be used as a central database for all your customer data, syncing with data collected through other methods to build a holistic view of all your customers.

In the portal you’ll find a number of useful features including social media management tools which allow you to change the real time messages posted by visitors and manage your facebook inbox. You can customise your splash page to fit with your brand by changing colours, adding your logo and including advertisements for your products, services or events. You can also generate vouchers for promotions, driving traffic to your venue from loyal customers.

SA Office

Tel +27 21 832 5900
4th Floor, Tygervalley Chambers 4
27 Willie van Schoor Drive, Bellville
Cape Town, 7530

UK Office

Tel: +44 333 1500 138
Unit 21 & 22, Allshots Industrial Estate
Woodhouse Lane
Kelvedon, CO5 9DF
Essex, United Kingdom

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