Adaptiva OneSite

The Adaptiva OneSite content distribution engine securely speeds enterprise-wide software deployments with its breakthrough peer-to-peer technology. Now you can reliably distribute any software at unparalleled speed and massive scale without the need for costly server investments, bandwidth throttling, or time-consuming manual efforts.

Reduce the risk of a data breach and data loss by containing the valuable customer, employee and payment information hackers are after, and simplify the processes required to make security a Business-As-Usual practice for your organisation.


Memory Pipeline Architecture
Eliminate IT infrastructure costs with peer-to-peer software distribution

Virtual SAN
Intelligently store content at infinite scale without user or device impacts

Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting
Maximize delivery speed while protecting the network

Live Flow
Gain real-time visibility and control over content

Workflow Designer & Engine
Automate IT tasks without coding

Adaptiva OneSite™ gives you the ability to easily incorporate your company’s best practices and operations standards into the software distribution process. OneSite uses visual workflows to empower you to customize and standardize the procedures your teams follow to distribute content.

Automate Windows OS deployments without tedious configuration work

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