Quest Notes Migrator & Groupwise Migrator

ZeroIMPACT GroupWise migration to Office 365 and Exchange

Migrator for GroupWise simplifies and accelerates the move to Office 365 and Exchange 2016, as well as mitigates the risk of data loss. It quickly and accurately migrates your users’ email, calendars, tasks, personal address books, frequent contacts, archives, recurring meetings and more.

The solution helps you finish your migration faster by enabling you to:

  • Migrate multiple mailboxes simultaneously
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Collect mailbox and archive information for pre-migration planning

Most importantly, Migrator for GroupWise preserves the integrity of each user’s mailbox, ensuring accurate migration from GroupWise to Office 365 and Exchange. In fact, it is the only solution capable of preserving GroupWise recurring and custom recurring appointments as a recurring series in Exchange.


Pre-migration assessment
Collect mailbox and archive information for more accurate migration planning.

Prerequisite checker
Easily scan your environment to determine if the required software and settings, connectivity, permissions, and access rights are in place – before you begin.

Finish fast
Transition multiple mailboxes simultaneously with a multi-threaded migration engine to reduce project costs and timelines. You can also install multiple migration consoles to increase scalability.

Auto process
Automate administrative tasks, such as mailbox creation, and advanced mail routing options to reduce IT work time and ensure migration tasks occur in proper sequence.

Self-service desktop migrator
Enable end users or administrators to silently migrate personal data, such as local GroupWise archives, to Exchange or Outlook personal stores, without data loss.

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