90% of data breaches start on email.

Email is an open gateway to your enterprise. It’s the most commonly used channel for targeted attacks and social engineering and it’s a major point of egress for sensitive data. The root cause of all of these threats is human error. Employees break the rules, make mistakes and can easily be hacked. To prevent today’s email security threats, your security controls must understand human behaviour.

Secure Email Gateways and legacy email security controls rely on rule-based methods of threat detection and are unable to prevent security threats caused by people. Attackers evolve their techniques, email networks are dynamic in nature and human behaviour is inconsistent and unpredictable meaning rules are out of date as soon as they’re created and signature based approaches are completely ineffective.

To prevent today’s advanced email security threats, your security controls must have the ability to continually analyse, adapt and evolve based on an understanding of normal and anomalous human behaviour. This is Tessian’s approach.

Tessian Technology
Through a combination of machine intelligence, deep content inspection, and stateful mapping of email relationships, Tessian turns your email data into your best defense against email security threats.

Tessian Defender
Automatically prevent spear phising, business email compromise, and other targeted email attacks

Tessian Guardian
Prevent accidental data loss from misdirected emails with Tessian Guardian

Tessian Enforcer
Automatically Identify Non-Compliant Email Activity and Prevent Sensitive Data Exfiltration

Design and deploy custom security filters to control outbound email sending

HLS Intelligence
Insights and automated threat intelligence to rapidly investigate, remediate and lower risks

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