Trend Deep Discovery Email Inspector

Detect and block targeted ransomware

Over 90% of targeted ransomware attacks start with a spear phishing attack. As a hardware or virtual appliance, Deep Discovery Email Inspector is deployed in-line of message delivery and blocks these messages. It analyzes known and unknown patterns and reputation analysis to detect the latest ransomware variants and targeted attacks.

Prevent data breaches
Deep Discovery Email Inspector is designed to quickly detect advanced malware that usually bypasses traditional security defenses and exfiltrates sensitive data and intellectual property. Machine learning, specialized detection engines, password extraction, and custom sandbox analysis detect and prevent breaches.

Gain visibility
Take advantage of 360-degree visibility into targeted attacks on your email. Centralized visibility and control allow you to share threat information with your existing security investments.

Optional spam gateway filtering
The optional gateway module enables Email Inspector to filter inbound messages based on senders, spam and phishing filters, and content, and provides outbound data loss prevention to fulfill compliance requirements.

Reduce costs
With Deep Discovery Email Inspector, you can dramatically reduce the time required to remediate and prevent targeted ransomware attacks. A single appliance that blocks suspicious email and shares threat information, it also provides sandboxing to optimize incident response.

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