Cloud Management

The world is moving to the cloud at a rapid pace, but all kinds of new growing pains are being experienced by companies as the reality of working in the cloud becomes clear. Symbiosys has a number of solutions and services that help solve this pain, from basic technical issues, right through to complex security, networking and even governance problems…

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Wondering how to easily implement micro-segmentation in your environment?

Guardicore excels at:

Preventing Lateral Movement
Control east/west traffic to reduce your data centre and cloud attack surface

Protecting Your Digital Crown Jewels
Blanket the applications that matter most to your business with precise security controls

Simplifying and Accelerating Compliance
Isolate systems that are subject to regulatory requirements simply and effectively

Helping you to Adopt Cloud and PaaS Securely
Implement infrastructure-agnostic security policies that work consistently across legacy bare metal servers and all forms of cloud.

And to Innovate Faster
Integrate security with application development without time-consuming software changes, infrastructure changes, or downtime.

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One architecture. One network. Any cloud.

Aviatrix’s Multi-Cloud Networking Architecture (MCNA) promotes a simple, repeatable, and automated approach to connecting your Cloud resources securely, across all Public Clouds and back to your on-premise legacy environment.

Enterprise customers such as Netflix, CUJO AI, NASA, and Straumann leverage our platform for common solutions like:

  • Transit Architectures with Centralised Firewalling
  • Egress Security with FQDN Filtering
  • Remote User VPN with MFA
  • Site-to-Cloud VPN Connectivity with NATing to solve IP Address Overlap
  • Multi-cloud Network Visibility

In addition, Aviatrix delivers the visibility, management, and troubleshooting required to operationalise your Cloud Network.  Just like you’ve required in your data centers, you need data to monitor your environment and deliver on SLA’s.  Aviatrix converts your Cloud resources from a black box to a clear channel of management and monitoring data.

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Automate Your Cloud Resource Selection with Cloe

Our Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine—Cloe—enables your applications to become self-aware of their resource requirements and to dynamically match their needs to optimal cloud supply.

Making Cloud Applications Self-Optimizing with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

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Eliminate silos. Standardise multi-cloud management. Enable DevOps self-service.

  • DEVOPS get self-service provisioning, IAC, and an open API/CLI to release faster.
  • CLOUDOPS gets role-based access control, security multi-tenancy, and compliance.
  • BIZOPS gets centralised reporting, lower cloud cost, and total freedom of choice.
  • Morpheus is the fastest path to multi-cloud and multi-platform self service
  • PROVEN – 250,000+ cloud apps provisioned
  • POWERFUL – 75+ API integrations. Any app, any cloud
  • SIMPLE – Up and running in less than an hour
  • SYSTEMATIC – Less tool sprawl and better ROI