PaperCut MF allows organisations to track, control and optionally charge for the printing, copying, scanning and faxing performed by users. The implementation of a solution reduces paper and toner waste, cuts costs, reduces the impact of your organisation’s paper output on the environment and makes both users and departments more accountable.

  • Reduce waste and save money for your business
    PaperCut makes it easier for staff to print documents when and where they need them.
  • Manage student and staff printing
    PaperCut makes it easier for staff to print documents when and where they need them.
  • Charge back client costs
    Cost recovery solutions for professionals. PaperCut is the easiest, most comprehensive way to manage and recover print costs.

Modern multifunctional print/copy devices (MFDs) are smarter - equipped with touch screens & most often have the ability to run embedded software directly on the device itself. This dynamic technology has allowed us to introduce our popular Print Management Software into the office space to track & manage Print, Copy, Fax & Scan.

PaperCut MF remains vendor agnostic, continuing to support all operating systems and most MFD vendors. Use PIN, Access Card or Biometric technology to authenticate users and/or charge for photocopies, printing & scanning requirements within your organization. Cost-effective & easy to use software driven solution - PaperCut MF - caters for small, medium and large sized educational, commercial, legal and accounting firms. Secure release of print jobs/copies using on-board embedded solutions or external cPAD terminals for legacy or unsupported MFD devices.

We also offer comprehensive solutions for Comprehensive Fleet, Output & Cost Recovery Solutions that require their users or walking-in customers to load funds onto their accounts using Debit/Credit/Digital Wallets/Cash before they can continue making copies/prints/scan or fax.


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Gain full control of cost recovery and disbursements by combining Revoco Cloud & PaperCut MF which spans across print/scan/fax/copy/telephony activities for customers in the Legal sector!

  • Revoco is fully Cloud based and consumption-based billing means you only pay for what you utilise.
  • Seamless integration with virtually any external billing system including WinLaw, Legal Suite, Sage Pastel, Ghost Practice, AJS and many more.
  • Fully automated synchronisation of matter/billing codes between PaperCut MF and external billing systems, as well automated exports of various transactions from Revoco into external billing systems.
  • The optional Revoco telephony module allows for tracking and billing time spend on telephone calls which completely cuts out the need for manual stopping and starting of timers right from the comfort of your favourite Web browser. (No client agent installation required).
  • Fully automated telephone billing against relevant matter number.
  • Support for vast range of on-prem and cloud-based IP PBX systems.


KPAX is a centralized management solution for multi-brand office printing devices. Through a unique interface, it provides access to information from all the printing devices. Whatever the number of locations, clients, or devices – KPAX enables the implementation of management print services (MPS) to reduce the fleet’s financial and ecological costs, to improve the quality of service & develop new services – Since 2009, KPAX have been managing over 700,000 machines for 100,000 end customers, over 15 brands and over 6000 different printer models.

  • KPAX is designed to integrate its clients’ application environment
  • Local Support
  • Reduce operational costs by limiting unnecessary and time-consuming technician call-outs
  • KPAX can reside on-prem or in the Cloud. You decide!
  • Our unique KPAX Liberty hardware agent eradicates the time wasted with problematic legacy software-based agents.
  • Consumption based costs means you only pay for what you need/use.
  • KPAX can easily integrate into ERP systems
  • Already have an FM solution? No problem! We can assist with migrating customers to KPAX
  • KPAX is HP SDS certified. HP SDS allows for advanced technical management of HP devices.

KPAX Liberty is a hardware agent which, when connected to the customer's network, is used to collect information on the printing systems to transmit data to the KPAX Manage server (SaaS or on-site).

It simplifies the implementation and daily management of data collector agents in poorly adapted client environments (no server, no workstation control, low IT skills, Mac environment,…).

The Liberty stand-alone box reduces the time technicians spend managing collection agents and thus optimizes the operational costs of the technical service. By limiting disconnections due to the hazards of customer infrastructures, it helps to reduce travel and carbon footprint.

  • Enhanced Stability compared to legacy software agents
  • Reduced management time
  • Independent of IT infrastructures
  • High Secured – End to End 256-bit AES encryption
  • KPAX Liberty is NOT a Raspberry Pi!